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reportedly, under the initiative of the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce under the initiative of the promotion of the network economy, 8 footwear marketing electricity supplier Baotuan launched the establishment of Wenzhou Telecom integrity alliance. The 8 companies are the footwear brands, respectively, AOKANG, BGG, Le camenae, free me, soffen Gao, Gu shidun etc.. After the establishment of the alliance, will fulfill the renewal of return, free mail period, never sell counterfeit products and other self-discipline agreement. This time, the alliance through Baotuan development, resource sharing strategy for the electricity supplier enterprises to reduce marketing costs, and will be launched from March 12th to March 18th in the Taobao gold coins special activities. It is learnt that, since then, the integrity of network operators will gradually expand to clothing, sanitary ware and other industries. "8 enterprises through joint activities, together with investment and advertising, marketing planning and plan the future together, sharing the warehousing and distribution channels, so as to minimize the single enterprise operating costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises." The city will promote the network economy business branch official said Luo Chuntai, now network marketing costs continue to push higher, therefore, through the formation of alliance forms, fully put all resources accumulated, can reduce the cost of marketing a good way. according to statistics, in 2010, the city administration of industry and Commerce handled 114 consumer disputes online, reaching 874 in 2011, and nearly 1 in February and 403 in the year. In the "3· 15" on the eve of the establishment of a good faith alliance, issued self-discipline convention, and make commitments to consumers, reflecting the sense of responsibility and self-discipline of Wenzhou network operators. (editor in chief: Qiu AI)There are three months in Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup will start, this time of Nike, Puma and other well-known manufacturers have launched a movement for the event and to create special boots, Adidas was also recently announced a new Carnaval series, for its variety of football boots to create a new color design. In this carnival theme of the series, manufacturers were chose 11pro, adiZero F50, Nitrochange Predator, a total of four models of football shoes to transform, through the designer in the upper injection of rich design elements and color design, to create a carnival like music, s jordan 3 katrina 2018 et off for the upcoming World Cup warm-up boom. The whole series of upcoming brand's official website on sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-1.jpg (297.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 upload adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-2.jpg (234.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 upload adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-3.jpg (202.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 uploadXLARGE maintains a long and stable relationship with Converse Japan, and every season will be released in collaboration with other styles, designed to integrate the street style of and XLARGE into Converse's classic profile. But this time the two sides for the 2015 spring once again issued a joint new to Chevronstar CK; Mid is modeled using the canvas shoes, into a new design of city camouflage, even the black leather star logo is also integrated into the pattern, highlighting the trend of military style; another is to construct the wild Leopard, as the hottest the popular symbol of absolute welcome by the trend of men and women. The two XLARGE x Converse Japan Chevronstar CK; Mid joint shoes can pre order through the following ways, the friend might as well as early as possible of love. {div style=" text-align: center" 〉 next Saturday, in addition to bring the classic theme of white cement, Jordan Brand will provide Air Jordan 5 to build the girls exclusive " Deadly Pink" color, the whole shoe with the pink tongue lining and shark tooth with details, bring sweet sense as a whole, with black nubuck leather uppers, tongue, white and bottom matter Blue translucent outsole to display; It is reported that the shoes will be available in August 5th, the number of 440892-029, pay attention to interest! Air Jordan 5 GS color: Black/Deadly Pink-White number: 440892-029 release date: August 5, 2017 price: $140The Air Jordan 6 Low black and silver color earlier been reported that exposure, the shoes will also soon usher in a commercial, I believe that many shoes fans can not wait to have some on foot. Matte black to create the body of the shoe is still attractive, tongue JumpMan, shoelace adjustment buckle and other details in the bottom parts are injected silver as a decoration, so that the overall exudes classic taste. This time to help low-engraved regression models, with hot summers very fit. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale on August 29, priced at $ 175, the long-awaited friend, please pay close attention, do not miss the best time to start.NEW BALANCE 998 with high quality suede and leather uppers as retro running shoes, appearance, color and has been to show people. This time, in order to better meet the spring is coming, new balance 998 "cream" color design with creamy white color, dark gray color clash, plus a touch of bright orange and midnight blue as an embellishment. NB this new color feel very proud, I believe it can in the spring bloom unique luster. Photograph: sneakertraditional American holiday style as one of the key core design of visvim, has derived many wonderful single products, and the famous , AMERICANA DECK-FOLK is one of them. Visvim will be the classic sailboat shoes to strengthen the improvement, the signature hand FOLK bottom and the traditional pure leather shoes combination, to create a brand of some signs texture. The day before, the quarter of the new visvim; AMERICANA DECK-FOLK has today officially on its official website, black, brown, red wine and uniform price of 44000 yen (RMB 2734) love the shoes of friends, you have a chance to start again. black version of the GEL-Lyte III to create Nubuc, collocation mesh material, ink in the design of the bottom make shoes in black atmosphere much more highlights.What happened when suddenly watched TV one day?! Huiyuan kidney treasure advertisement background music is actually Eason Chan's song -- "steady happiness" in the picture, a man with a sad face sweating. "Overwork, lumbago, dizziness, feeling empty." the woman approached from behind the man, stretched out his hand to the man's waist, and wrote a deep concern on his face. "Is the kidney overdrawn?"" man's eyebrows are tight. "Fear, never give her, steady happiness."......" at this time, the screen switching, accompanied by a few golden light: "Bao Bao tablets, 22 herbs", warming Yang, tonifying the kidney, righting the foundation, make up the overdraft steady." a lot of Eason Chan fans are surprised! Anger! In a bad mood?? all right, let's find NIKE to carry this pot back, because the first ad in the history of pop music with background music, from Nike Air Max 30 years ago, 1. Nike Air Max 1 is a revolutionary sports shoes, but even Nike did not think of themselves, in 1987, they made for the Air Max 1 advertising film, also became a revolutionary advertising film. The production in 1987 years of the TV ads, you can see the young Michael · Jordan first high jump to the basket, then his big hands toward the camera, a group of swimmers jumped into the water, hands in the street basketball game in the gym, people waving sweat like rain, Baby Toddler well, the legendary tennis star John · mcenro and so on. Fast switching between people of grainy black-and-white images in a variety of sports, the middle of holding a few Air Max 1 air cushion shoes in people at the foot of the deformation of the slow motion, let your eyes will be able to feel like cushioning air cushion is the best. But with the advertising picture of music, is a famous song "the Beatles Revolution (revolution)", John ·, Paul · Lennon; Mccartney, Harrison and Ringo George · Starr · four great rock music pioneer soundtrack. Nike air vapormax seems to go next is matching the current exposure route, there is N new color, new color before the network again exposed Vapormax have not appeared, and the Po main questions, the new color is not so far the best color? What's your opinion? shoe body is still Flyknit vamp with Flywire flying line, with dark olive green with black, looks more suitable for autumn and winter wear, with a full palm air air cushion, full of texture. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Time: 2007-08-13 14:02 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click the "super shoes" British market has come up with a "motor roller shoes" (formally known as the "gasoline skate"). The shoes are divided into left and right feet, and gasoline is used as fuel. A micro motor installed on the shoes on the right foot provides power, with a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour (see chart). However, for safety reasons, users must apply for driver's license, licence and personal insurance at the same time. a difficult, Jinjiang food enterprises, help comes from all quarters, the disaster areas in Wenchuan. Yesterday, reporters from Jinjiang Fuyuan Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Panpan"), Fujian Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "kiss") and Fujian Yake Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yake") learned that, in order to actively support the disaster areas in Sichuan County of Wenchuan Province, Jinjiang three food companies each donated the first batch of material (food) has yesterday morning 6 arrived in Wenchuan county. Panpan: thousands of boxes of bread to the disaster areas according to reports, Panpan donated materials are mainly small French bread production, the first batch of 1000 cases confirmed. "we learned that Sichuan County of Wenchuan province by the earthquake disaster is serious, immediately contact our branch in Sichuan Chengdu, the plant is responsible for replacement as soon as possible for the people of disaster areas to send the first batch of food." Executive vice chairman Cai Jinchai told reporters the daughter of food, but by the impact of the disaster, the side of the phone has been busy, until 9 p.m. is switched on. contact, Cai Jinchai immediately account for the task, and take the initiative and the location of the branch office of the Civil Affairs Bureau, in the unified arrangement of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the night to the food transported to the disaster area. "We are very concerned about the local disaster, and hope that enterprises can contribute to the local forces."." Cai Jinchai says. it is understood that the daughter of food Sichuan branch most employees are local people, many employees families in the earthquake suffered varying degrees of damage. Panpan company human resources manager Lin Lifang said that the company is currently the disaster situation statistical staff family, and has come up with a sum of money and goods, company staff and condolences to the victims in Sichuan. kiss: all food stocks in the branch were sent to the disaster area reportedly opened a branch in Chengdu, Jintang, which mainly produces casual bread. After hearing the local earthquake, chairman Wu Huolu immediately called to find out about the situation there. "At last, the workers and factories are safe."." Wu Huolu told reporters. however, the person in charge of the factory told him a major disaster occurs next to Wenchuan County, Wu stove erhuamoshui, immediately put down all the orders, factory inventory of food to the affected areas. Wu furnace said that the current donation has been completed, all materials are transported by car. Wu furnace said that they will hold an emergency meeting, consultation of specific assistance programs, and gradually sent second, third batches of rescue food. Yake : donated 500 thousand yuan worth of candy "tomorrow we will send candy worth nearly 500 thousand yuan to the disaster area."." General manager assistant Zhuang Gangyi Yake said. According to Zhuang Gangyi , when the earthquake happened, Yake company executives were meeting in Xiamen. That after the earthquake, Yake director)